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No todo lo que brilla es oro. Not all shining things are made of gold.
You should be careful not to look only at superficial things.

Al que madruga Dios lo ayuda. God helps he whom get up early.
It is used when you try to encourage people to get up early to take advantage of the daylight.

Cuando el río suena piedras trae. When the river sounds, it brings a lot of rocks.
When people hear rumors that might or might not be true, they assume that at least part of what it is said is true.

El que con lobos anda a aullar se enseña. The person who hangs out with wolves learns how to howl.
It depends who are the people you hang out with, who will have an influence on who you become.

El que a buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra lo cobija. The person who takes cover under a big tree is covered by a nice shadow.
When you have a good mentor you share part of his knowledge and deeds.

No por mucho madrugar amanece más temprano. No matter how early you get up, the Sun rises same time as always.
It is the answer to the adage that says that God favor the people who get up early.

Tanto va el cántaro al agua hasta que se ahoga. Water drips into the pot until it breaks apart.
When someone makes the same unnoticed mistake over and over, it may end up in a big disaster.

El que se duerme no cena. He who falls asleep before early won´t eat dinner.
You have to be attentive for the opportunity when it comes, or you will miss it.

Camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente. The shrimp that falls sleep is dragged away by the flow.
You have to keep moving or inertia will lead your life.

El valiente dura hasta que el cobarde quiere The brave lasts until the coward allows.
Subdued people can change their situation if they stand up for themselves.

El pez por su boca muere. Fish die because of their mouths bite a bait.
People that talk too much could disclose things that are harmful to themselves.

Arrieros somos y en el camino andamos. You work walking on the road everyday, just as me.
Don't do something wrong to other people thinking you won´t see them again.

El que solo se ríe de sus maldades se acuerda. He who smiles without apparent reason is thinking of past pranks.
If you smile without apparent reason that means you are recalling things you did in the past.

No hay mal que dure cien años ni enfermo que los aguante. There´s no ailment that last for a hundred years neither a person that can endure them.
When people complain of a difficult situation they are reminded that nothing is permanent.

Si siembras espinas no vayas descalzo. If you planted thorns don´t walk barefoot.
You have to be aware that what goes around, comes around.

Como te ves me vi, como me ves te verás. The way you look today, I looked back then. The way I look, you will look soon.
Young people despise the older. This adage is used in those occasions.

De tal palo tal astilla. From this type of log you will get the same kind of splinter.
Children tend to resemble to their parents in physical traits and in deeds.

No escupas al cielo porque te puede caer. Don´t spit to the sky because it may fall on you.
Don´t do wrong things because later in life they may come upon you.

Aquí el más pelón peina trenzas. In this place, even the person with the least hair has braids.
It is said when in one place even the most unskilled outpaces you.

A caballo dado no se le ve colmillo. If you receive a horse for free, don't look at its defects.
We should receive what comes for free without looking at defects the present might have.

Agua que no has de beber déjala corer. If you are not going to drink that water, let it flow.
Don´t get attached to a thing / person that you know is not for you.

Más vale un pájaro en mano que ver un ciento volando. It has more value a bird in your hand than a hundred of them flying.
It is better stick with the things you have and do not long for what you don´t have.

Cuídate de los buenos porque a los malos Dios los marcó. Be vigilant of the good people because God marked bad people.
It is an old saying that describes how people in the past felt about a scar or a physical defect.

A Dios rogando y con el mazo dando. Pray to God and at the same time continue hammering.
Your prayers will be more powerful if you add action to them.

El que nace para maceta no sale del corridor. The one who was born to be flower pot won´t go beyond the hall.
It shows a deterministic way of thinking as it states that each person has a preset fate.

Cuando yo tenia dinero me llamaban don Tomás y ahora que ya no lo tengo me dicen Tomás nomás. When I had money they called me Mr. Thomas, now that I´m poor they call me only Thomas.
Money affects how some people treats to you.

Dios no cumple antojos. God doesn´t fulfill whims.
God will help you only in serious matters, not in any thought that comes to your mind.

Con dinero baila el perro. With money even the dog does tricks.
It is said when some people that is deeded to be honest ends doing wrong things for money.